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I want my young dark-skinned daughter with 4C hair to love the skin she is in and know that she is beautiful, hence MyShadeMatters and our event Shades of Beauty Live. Congratulations to the team for organising such a quality event. Your email address will not be published.

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Shades of Beauty

In Senegal, a grassroots organization is interested in creating a "Beautiful in Every Shade"-style poster to support an anti-skin-bleaching campaign. In South Africa, interest is "much more about bringing a sense of pride and unity among a culturally fragmented society," Mackey says.

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But I think all the makings are there for it to happen. Search Emory News Center. Feeding a cultural conversation Since then, public intrigue with the campaign has expanded in unexpected and interesting new directions, according to Mackey.

Inquiries have been received from students in Georgia, Colorado and Michigan about how to schedule open shoots on their own campuses. Jackson High School in Atlanta. An invitation to hold an open photo shoot at the Decatur Book Festival for the second year in a row.

Mackey has been interviewed about the BIES campaign by WonderRoot , an Atlanta-based non-profit arts and service organization that strives to unite artists and community to inspire social change and invited to participate in an ethics conversation around "Passing and the Complex Landscape of Identity Formation" with the cast and director of "By The Way, Meet Vera Stark. A campaign of affirmation "Beautiful In Every Shade" is among a number of racial identity and awareness campaigns that have been emerging on U.

Are we ready for the next pandemic? Emory University welcomes first set of students into the Class of Vitamin treatment for sepsis is put to the test Promising poet: